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Before you book

What do I need to know before I book?

Here’s some outline information about what you need to get the best experience using Airmeet.

We will be sharing lots more information and guidance with delegates ahead of the conference, including walk-throughs and orientation sessions to help you get the best out of the platform.

  1. Covid-19: Changing Culture? uses a conferencing platform called Airmeet. Airmeet is designed and optimised for desktop and laptop computers. We encourage all attendees to use a computer or laptop where possible instead of a smartphone or tablet. 
  2. Find out more about minimum system requirements for joining an Airmeet event.
  3. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser to access the conference, as this will give best results. 
  4. A good, stable internet connection is required to use Airmeet. 
  5. The conference venue will be open from 09:00 – 17:00 on conference days, with an hour lunch break from 12:45 – 13:45.
  6. After purchasing a ticket, you will receive an email from TicketSource closer to the date of the conference with a unique link to the conference venue. When you receive this link, click on it, and Airmeet will ask you to input your email address. Airmeet will use your email address to send you a unique link to register for and gain entry to the conference. 
  7. Detailed instructions on how to use and navigate the conference platform will be sent to you in advance of the conference dates, and we will be offering walk-throughs and orientation on the days of the conference to help users find their way around the platform. Find out more information about the platform.  
  8. We want to make the conference a positive experience for all participants. All 8 of our plenary sessions will be transcribed by a live captioner. If you have access needs please outline on the booking form when indicated, or alternatively you can email with your access requirements (at least 14 days before the event), or get in touch for more information.
  9. Find out more about technical queries relating to Airmeet.

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