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Facets of failure


Facets of failure

Explore the five facets of failure

FailSpace identified five elements of cultural projects and policies that people discussed when reflecting on success and failure:

  • Process
  • Purpose
  • Practice
  • Participation
  • Profile

These are the five facets of failure – you can find a full description of each facet in the toolkit.

Listen to these anonymised interviews about failure in real-life cultural projects and policies.

  • Which facet or facets does each story of failure relate to?
  • Do any of the extracts remind you of your own experiences? In what way?

These interviews have been voiced by actors.


Download the transcript for Purpose


Download the transcript for Practice


Download the transcript for Process


(Explicit language is used in the first interview)

Download the transcript for Participation


Download the transcript for Profile

Illustration by Lucy Wright

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