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We want cultural policy to be shaped by rigorous research and evaluation of what works and what needs to change. We work with funders and policymakers to share relevant research, identify gaps in knowledge and offer recommendations to inform future policymaking.

Photo: Barnsley Museum

Making research and evaluation count

We work proactively with policymakers across the four home nations of the UK and internationally to provide robust research insights that will help with policy decisions. Our aim is to give professionals working in policy greater confidence in the rigour and quality of the growing cultural evidence base.

Our policy work is an iterative and ongoing process. We have regular contact with a number of policy stakeholders to identify policy priorities, drivers and levers that can inform the research of the Centre. It also provides an opportunity for the Centre to share the results of research with policymakers and to sense-check recommendations.

Our work with policymakers includes one to one meetings and facilitated workshops, encouraging open dialogue. Our research is made available via briefing papers and research digests.

We will be convening a national cultural policy network that includes policy professionals, funders and researchers.

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