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Jaqui Smyth

Jaqui has always loved music from a very early age, dancing around the living room at about 13 months old. Her love of music grew with the need to find out about all her favourite artists. At the age of three, she became interested in computers and was hooked; adored first-person shooters, and watching and learning anything new.

At the age of eight years Jaqui was on holiday in America and decided to jump into the deep end and swam under the water coming up at the other end, got out the pool and did the same again. That was the first day she realised she could swim! Nobody had told her she couldn’t.

She’s in love with being outdoors, and thanks to Free Wheel North, is able to go on a bike if someone else pedals. Parks are another favourite and picnics are a big hit.

Jaqui loves life, people, parties, Drama, and Art. She has sold many paintings at Project Ability and attends the Sensatronic Lab at Touchbase. Concerts are a great love and she has attended TRNSMT since it started in Glasgow. She’s a regular at the SSE hydro, watching all her favourite bands perform.

Jaqui is enamoured by the Abbie Resource Base Support Service, where she currently goes 5 days a week and has a lot of friends there.

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