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Ep 1: Bringing two worlds together

The first episode of Reflecting Value explores the ways in which the cultural sector is conveying its value to the health and social care sector. The successes they have celebrated, the challenges they have encountered, and the adaptations they needed to make to speak the language of health and wellbeing.

Dr Robyn Dowlen


  • Veronica Franklin-Gould (Arts4Dementia) on supporting conversations between academics, clinical leads in dementia, local authorities and cultural organisations. [1:04 – 7:57]
  • Professor Sue Pavitt (School of Dentistry, University of Leeds) & Dr Shamaila Anwar (National Institute for Health Research) on the value of aligning culture and health to convey health messages about Covid-19 vaccinations. [7:58 – 16:57]
  • Mike Chitty (Former Head of Applied Leadership for the NHS Leadership Academy) on how culture can stop us having to engage so much with the illness world. [16:58 – 23:45]


Music: Bach Cello Suite no. 1 in G major, BWV 1007 sourced from Musopen

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Reflecting Value was co-produced by Dr. Robyn Dowlen and Mikey Nissenbaum
Artwork by Mikey Nissenbaum

Guest biographies

Veronica Franklin Gould FRSA

Veronica Franklin Gould FRSA

Veronica founded Arts 4 Dementia (A4D) in 2011 to develop weekly programmes for people with early-stage dementia in arts venues, as well as to develop training, best practice conferences and reports.  The A4D website signposts arts opportunities for dementia nationwide. Reawakening the Mind (2012-13) won the Positive Breakthrough in Mental Health Dementia Award 2013. On publication of Music Reawakening (2015), Veronica was appointed A4D president. Her regional guide, Reawakening Integrated: Arts & Heritage (2017) aligns arts within NHS England’s Well Pathway for Dementia. She also leads A4D’s social prescribing programme (Conference, 20-21 May).

Professor Sue Pavitt

Professor Sue Pavitt

Sue did her PhD in cancer genetics at UCL and has studied at the University of Oxford and University of California San Francisco, USA. She specialises in clinical trial research and at the University of Leeds, she is a valued Science Communicator and Ambassador for Patient, Public Involvement and Engagement with Research. Sue is passionate about encouraging research inclusivity and works with & for underserved communities to tackle health inequality & literacy. She is the Executive Producer of  COVID and Me / COVID and Me-Vaccine; co-produced dramas using the power of storytelling to promote inclusivity and empower people from all backgrounds to make informed decisions about taking part in research and vaccination.

Dr Shamaila Anwar

Dr Shamaila Anwar

Shamaila Anwar is a Senior Analyst at the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and project managed the COVID and Me initiative. Outside of this role she is a Science Communicator and Team Halo Guide. Shamaila has a PhD in epidemiology and a background in the management of trials and research portfolios in a number of different disease areas. She is interested in engaging with communities to increase understanding of health inequalities and improving health literacy.

Mike Chitty

Mike Chitty

Mike is an experienced facilitator, trainer, coach and consultant. His practice is based on a belief that people only learn what they really want to learn – and often don’t want to learn what we want to teach them! As a consequence of this he focuses on stimulating curiosity and provoking exploration about ‘the direction in which progress lies’ for: Individuals and their relationships; teams and their relationships; organisations and their relationships; and systems and…yes…their relationships. Mike has worked extensively in the public, private and third sectors in the UK. He has also worked extensively overseas.


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