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Ep 2: Making room for one another

In the second episode of Reflecting Value we focus on the specific role of culture in addressing health and wellbeing needs.

Research in the area of culture, health and wellbeing is often quick to jump to reporting outcomes, with the reporting of the processes underpinning these outcomes often falling by the wayside. So how do we find the balance in showcasing outcomes, whilst highlighting the process? And how might we research and evaluate the process?

We take a deep dive into the specific value of culture in relation to health and wellbeing outcomes, as well as exploring the role of specific cultural activities.

Dr Robyn Dowlen


  • Tim Joss (Chief Executive and Founder of Aesop) on the role of active ingredients [1:00 – 7: 15]
  • Hannah Dye (Head of Programmes at Breathe Arts Health Research) on how they scale up their programmes [4:37 – 14:17]
  • Dr Kate Dupuis (Schlegel Innovation Leader in Arts and Ageing) on her research looking at the role of everyday creativity for older people living in care homes [14:27 – 24:10]


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Reflecting Value was co-produced by Dr. Robyn Dowlen and Mikey Nissenbaum
Artwork by Mikey Nissenbaum

Guest biographies

Tim Joss
Helen Murray

Tim Joss

Tim is a social entrepreneur and Chief Executive & Founder of Aesop. Tim’s past activities include Artistic Director & Chief Executive of Bath International Music Festival, Senior Manager at the Bournemouth Orchestras, Chair of the International Society for Music Education’s Community Music Commission, Director of the Rayne Foundation and a founder of the Arts Impact Fund (the first social investment fund for the arts), Bath Literature Festival, British Council for School Environments and National Numeracy. He was appointed a Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Government in 2005.

Hannah Dye

Hannah Dye

Hannah is Head of Programmes at Breathe Arts Health Research. She has over 13 years experience in arts and health, and arts outreach. She has worked with organisations including King’s College London, Sadler’s Wells, Candoco Dance Company, China Plate and English National Ballet. She has specialist knowledge of designing evidence based artistic programmes for implementation into health and social settings.

Find out more about Breathe’s Melodies for Mums programme:

Dr Kate Dupuis

Dr Kate Dupuis

Kate is the Schlegel Innovation Leader in Arts and Aging at Sheridan College in Oakville, and is affiliated with the Schlegel-UWaterloo Research Institute for Aging in Waterloo, Ontario. Kate is a registered Clinical Neuropsychologist and a researcher whose work lies at the intersection of arts, health, and aging. In her research, Kate seeks to identify both the potential personal and systemic barriers to participation in the arts, how we can facilitate arts engagement in older adults, and what being “creative” or “artistic” mean to us as we age. Kate strives to understand how the arts can benefit all domains of health and well-being, including cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being, and how we can encourage and foster creativity and innovation across the lifespan. At Sheridan College, Kate is a professor in the Social Service Worker: Gerontology program in the Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies.


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